We’re big fans of WSOU/South Orange here. First of all, they’re all metal all the time. Secondly, they’re in our listening area, and have served as a launching pad for countless metal bands since they switched to the format in the late ’80s, and more than a handful of its DJs and programmers have gone on to further success in the music industry. And while the radio station of Seton Hall University does have some rules about what they can and can’t play, they consistently feature more extreme music than anything else you’ll hear on the radio full time outside of satellite, and it’s free. But since it’s a Catholic university, they have to watch what they say about anything that portrays Catholicism or Christianity in a negative light.

So when this mostly tongue-in-cheek list of bands not to play on the station popped up on Reddit today, it wasn’t anything we didn’t know about. And WSOU is able to play some bands like Hellyeah, for example, by announcing “Vinnie Paul and Chad Gray’s new band” instead of calling them by their band name. And bands like Morbid Angel and God Dethroned that admittedly sing about Satan weren’t about to get played on the station in the first place. And then there’s Anal Cunt. So basically, check out this list of ridiculous band names. And also, give them credit for their list of bands that will get you terminated!

[via Reddit]