Motley Sue: Band seeking $30m from Crue, alleging mistreatment

Posted by on November 8, 2016


It’s been almost a year since Motley Crue decided to call it a day and perform their final show in Los Angeles, CA, ending  34 years of music and debauchery. If you spend 10 minutes watching footage of their wild years or any of the documentaries, you know the guys were a wild bunch, but if you thought they mellowed during their last years as a band, you might be dead wrong.

According to the New York Post, the Crue is being sued by Manhattan rock band The Raskins for $30M for several alleged accounts of mistreatment by the band while on tour, including getting sprayed by urine while performing.

The Raskins, who had paid $1M to open up for Motley Crue during their 2014 tour and signed a contract with Artist Group International, claim they were mistreated by the band’s management, furthermore:

The Raskins also claim they were forced to play short sets in mostly empty venues after managers often refused to open the doors for shows; the public address system was turned off or interfered with during their shows; they weren’t allowed to sell merchandise or give them dressing rooms; and they were hit with heavy equipment.


They also claim the contract signed with Artist Group International wasn’t honored, according to the Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit which names Tenth Street Entertainment, AGI and other production companies. While those things stated in the lawsuit are bad enough, the worst thing in the suit has to be allegations that members of the band’s crew went on stage during one of The Raskins’ performances wearing monkey masks and sprayed the band with “water guns filled with urine.”

Neither the band nor the production companies have responded to the allegations but taking in consideration what we know about how crazy Motley Crue has been in the past, we wouldn’t be surprised if at least some of these claims turned out to be true. The sad part about it is that this behavior would be expected of them during their younger years, not when almost everyone in the band is reaching 60. On the other hand, if your band is willing to pay $1 million to open for the Crue, and the first time we’re hearing about you is when you claim a band sprayed urine on you, you’ve got problems of your own.

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