Happy 20th Anniversary To Faith No More’s ‘Angel Dust’

Posted by on June 8, 2012

Ever forget an important birthday? We were about to leave for the weekend, when we saw a post on Stereogum proclaiming that on June 8, 1992, Faith No More’s fourth album, Angel Dust, was released. The album, quite possibly Faith No More’s best, followed up on the massive platinum success of 1989’s The Real Thing  in the best way possible. Instead of coming out with another version of their rap-metalish hit “Epic,” they made an accessible, yet still extremely weird, album.

Their last album with guitarist Jim Martin and second with versatile vocalist Mike Patton, Angel Dust had songs like “Midlife Crisis” and “A Small Victory” that were palatable hits, yet bizarre and heavy songs “Crack Hitler” and “Jizzlobber” that likely confused anyone that bought the album because they liked that “fish video” a few years prior. Throw in a catchy ode to oral sex (“Be Aggressive”) and a cover of the theme to the only X-Rated movie to ever win a Best Picture Academy Award (“Midnight Cowboy”) and you’ve got an aggressively weird, yet still commercial, album that solidified the band’s status as a favorite among metal, alternative, and funk fans alike. While the band would break up five years later, Patton has gone on to numerous other bands, and their reunion several years ago gives us hope that there may be some music in them yet. Check out the video for “A Small Victory” below.


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