Faith No More played “finished” their reunion tour last December by playing at Estadio Bicentenario de La Florida in Santiago. Since then, things have been quiet from the FNM camp. Last week, though, Faith No More announced that they would be playing on the final day of the the SWU Music and Arts Festival in Paulínia, São Paulo, Brazil (set to take place November 12-14). Could this one off gig be a sign that more (including a new album) could be coming soon? Well, no…not yet at least.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, vocalist Mike Patton confirmed FNM’s upcoming gig, but said that there are currently no plans to record new material soon, saying the following:

“Other than that, we don’t have plans for a new recording or anything like that, we’re just taking it slow as it comes. Reunions can be done very distastefully I think, and we were all very worried about that. But I think we were all very surprised with how good it felt. It’s a tired old script: band splits up, gets hard up for cash, goes on tour and records a shitty record. We don’t want to be part of that kind of history.”

So we shouldn’t hold our breath, but Patton does give us hope that a new Faith No More album could become a reality in the future. He also gives us hope that Faith No More aren’t completely finished. So at the very least, we might get a few more shows out of them.

You can read the rest of Patton’s interview, where he also discusses reprising his role in The Darkness video game series, over at