Press Leak Screws Vagrant, Thrice

Posted by on July 22, 2009

vagrantVagrant fell victim today to some douchey pirate/hacker who took advantage of the press stream of Thrice’s upcoming Beggars and leaked it for all the world.

Vagrant Records here. We don’t normally chime in on message boards like this, but we see a lot of back and forth about the Thrice piracy issue and feel we should let people know our position: We see a lot of posts basically blaming us for this leak. Vagrant has been using that same player for almost three years and this has never been an issue. In this case, someone clearly and unfortunately went out of their way to try and hack into our system. The link got into the wrong hands and someone took the time to figure out how to get around the password and user log in. Obviously there are people out there we thought we could trust with that information, but instead have proven to be dishonest.

Vagrant is currently speaking to Thrice’s management and the band about the best methods for the album release and how we’re going to proceed. When there is more to tell on that front, Vagrant will get the word out through all available media outlets.

The band is honored to have such true, loyal supporters, and your responsibility in this matter is greatly appreciated. All we can do at this point is appeal to the fans good graces and ask they avoid permeating an already tough situation.

We sincerely thank you for your support!

– Vagrant Records

Well thanks, you leaker a-hole. I didn’t even know there was a stream, and now they’ve taken it down until they can fix the security hole, so I can’t hear this highly anticipated album. I called The Pirate Bay to see if they had it, but they started rambling about donating my hard drive space.

The people at Vagrant are fine folks, so I’m sure they know what they’re doing, but I feel like if you want to keep a lid on an album leak, the last thing you should do is make a formal statement addressing it. With the record scheduled for October 13, no doubt the discussion between label and management is about moving the release up to a closer date before everyone’s had a chance to hear the album and move on.

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