Report: Candlelight Records acquired by Spinefarm

Posted by on January 19, 2016

Spinefarm and CandlelightSpinefarm Records has been adding some pretty cool names to its roster. However, the label’s next big move involves acquiring another label, Candlelight Records.

Edward Christie and Steve Beatty, owners of the U.K. based label Candlelight, have reportedly sold the company’s assets to Spinefarm (who are owned by Universal Music Group). Blabbermouth obtained an email that Christie and Beatty sent to their artists/clients, explaining that they “made an informed choice to leave the label in the hands of a well-respected metal label backed by the world’s biggest record company… [Spinefarm] have shown an understanding and respect for what we do and are looking forward to working with Candlelight’s artists. We also feel that they will treat the catalogue with respect. Dante Bonutto, who heads up [Spinefarm’s] European team, is a well-known figure in the U.K. metal scene both as a journalist and A&R person, and Jonas Nachsin, who formerly ran the U.S. division of Roadrunner and now looks after Spinefarm’s worldwide operation, are both very excited and committed to continuing the development of the Candlelight label and its artists, for whom they have great respect.”

In regards to what this means for Candlelight’s current roster, the email states that “Contractually, nothing will change. All future album options and commitments as well as accounting will continue as agreed in [the artists’] contracts. [For] all those [who] have signed licensing agreements, the terms of the licenses will remain in place and will terminate on the due date.” The former owners further add that “It’s been a great ride and we are immensely proud of what we have achieved in those years. We have enjoyed working with [all the artists] and it has been great to have made some genuine friendships along the way. We have released some amazing music, some of which can genuinely be termed as classics of their genres, a major achievement. We have also released some records that were received so badly that frankly people thought we were insane, but we liked them and we thought they should be heard.”

The UK label had established U.S. operations in 2001, with former Nuclear Blast America president Paula Hogan heading up its Philadelphia-based U.S. structure. Candlelight has been distributed in North America by Caroline, while European distribution has been exclusive via Plastichead.

Spinefarm is acquiring a hell of a roster too, which includes acts like Ihsahn, Vision Of Disorder, Orange Goblin and Abigail Williams. Plus, the label has been reissuing many titles from the likes of Emperor, Burzum, Crowbar and many others. While it’s a shame to see another metal label get absorbed, it’s great that they’ll be in the hands of a strong label like Spinefarm.

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