Century Media Records may be on a signing spree as of late, but they’ve just lost two notable hardcore groups from their roster. That includes Terror and Earth Crisis, both of whom have found new label homes.

First comes Terror, who has signed a new deal with Victory Records. Vocalist Scott Vogel had the following to say about the signing:

“When I was in high school, I would go to ‘Home of the Hits Records’ in Buffalo, NY and every week I would check for new Victory releases. Growing up, Victory Records always had the best hardcore bands, period. They had this awesome packaging and vibe that I loved. Integrity, Strife, Bloodlet, Earth Crisis -it was a fucking amazing time for hardcore. Later, I met Tony when he came to Buffalo to see Snapcase. We stayed in contact and made plans for my second band Despair, but soon after we broke up. Victory and my band Buried Alive worked together for years. They also had Hatebreed, Blood For Blood, All Out War and Reach The Sky, all bands I’ve always respected and held in the highest regard. This summer I hung out with Tony and we had a wild night in Chicago. We talked about the good and bad of hardcore today and just had a blast. No business talk, no nonsense. We were under contract at the time so there wasn’t even room for it. As we got ready to release Live By The Code, Terror and Century Media debated on how to release the record right and Victory Records seemed like the best fit. Tony and I are both insane. We both come from the same place. We both scratch and fight to stay afloat. We still believe in the essence of hardcore and still love Warzone. This is pretty fucking exciting.”

Terror’s first release via Victory Records, titled Live By The Code, is set for an April 2013 release. This comes after releasing seven records over the course of a decade via a handful of other labels, including Bridge 9, Trustkill and (as mentioned) Century Media.

Next, Earth Crisis announced that they’ve become the latest addition to Candlelight Records’ family. “We are excited to be working on a new album, and equally as excited to be working on it with Candlelight,” says guitarist Scott Crouse. “Their roster speaks for itself. It’s an honor to be alongside bands like Fear Factory, Corrosion Of Conformity, and our old friends in Vision Of Disorder.” Vocalist Karl Buechner also added that “I’m really looking forward to sharing this next chapter of EC with Candlelight Records. I think they’ve proven to know the genre well, and will help push us in the right direction.” Earth Crisis is currently demoing material for their follow up to 2011’s Neutralize the Threat, and plans to start recording in June.

Granted, these two loses probably won’t put too much of a dent in Century Media’s pocket (like we said, they have been on a signing spree as of late). Still, both bands are great grabs for Victory and Candlelight respectively.