Stevic and Kin of Twelve Foot Ninja’s favorite moments from the Revolver Golden Gods

Posted by on April 26, 2014

TFN Golden Gods screenshot (for press release)Actually winning the award

We’d agree that winning an award is a pretty damn big deal. And from the sound of it, the win was still sinking in even as they were accepting the award. “While onstage, all I wanted to say was ‘fuck,’ but the person leading us to the stage said ‘Don’t swear because it will prohibit us from playing it on air,’” recalls Stevic. “So in my head, I’m like ‘I can’t say fuck,’ and that just became this obsessive compulsive loop. ‘Don’t say fuck! Don’t say fuck!’ So when I tried to think, instead of ‘Who am I supposed to thank?’ it was ‘Don’t say fuck!’” Thankfully he had Kin onstage with him for support, who recalls “looking over at him and thinking ‘Oh no, I lost him! I lost my bandmate, he’s gone!’ [laughs] And then looking down [from the stage and into the crowd] and seeing Jose go ‘YEAH MAN!’ I was like, ‘Oh no, I lost him Jose!’ But it was great to see his face in the crowd, along with Melissa [Mangin, Jose’s wife].”


The entire night itself

An event like the Revolver Golden Gods can be a crazy experience for anyone, especially for international first timers. So naturally naming one moment the most “shocking” is a difficult task. “When you walk into a ballroom full of aliens and one of them is doing something different, it’s kind of diminished or downplayed by the whole thing [as a whole] being new,” Stevic explains. “I was chatting to Kin before about how when you’re from Australia, you don’t see so many well-known people from their respective fields in one place. I mean, you see it on TV, but being there is quite surreal. It’s quite a strange experience.”

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