John Christ: I Am Ready to Play with Danzig Again

Posted by on March 22, 2018

As I wrote about a few months back, I have a strong admiration for Danzig.  I’ve seen Danzig so many times and I have played Danzig I – IV, literally, thousands of times since they were released.  With that, I was truly honored to meet one of metal’s greatest guitarists, John Christ Knoll, who gave fans four epic performances on those first four Danzig records as well as the Thrall EP.  I spent hours with John in Maryland this past week and I’ll have a full profile and story shortly.

In the meantime, when asked about the possibility of playing with Danzig again, here’s what John said,

“I would still love to go out and play… do a tour with those first four (Danzig) records.  I still know all the songs.”

John added:

“I’m ready to go.  I just had my amp in the shop this week.  My rig is ready.  I could go out tonight.  (Glenn) could say ‘meet me in Chicago tonight… meet me in San Francisco tonight…’ I could be there.  That’s how ready I am.”

John also indicated he’d be more than happy to work with Chuck Biscuits, Eerie Von and Glenn Danzig together, right now.  “A lot of people would love to see it.  There’s a chemistry between the four of us.”

More next week with me and I’ll be writing about John’s current work in creating the first rock guitar Associate’s Degree program.

You can catch Maryland’s own John Christ Knoll with the band Half Serious at Stables in Westminister, Maryland this Friday night, March 23.  Here is John playing with Half Serious a few years back.

You can also catch John Christ playing with his students and faculty tonight – March 22 at Carroll Community College at 7:30pm.  Sponsored by Coffey Music.  More info is here.  It is free and open to the public.


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