Now that their Vegas residency has come to an end, Mötley Crüe can do one of two things: take a break or keep going full force. Well, it would appear that they’re planning to do the latter. Not only are they planning to tour more this year, but Mötley Crüe is also recording new music together.

Nikki Sixx first let it slip via tweet that Mötley Crüe would be entering Tommy Lee’s The Atrium studio in Calabasas, CA this past weekend to record new music. Sixx and Lee have also tweeted numerous photos from the studio, including the one seen above. And yesterday (February 26), Sixx provided a lengthier update on the recording sessions via a post on Facebook, saying:

“Been in the recording studio cutting new Mötley Crüe with the guys. We are recording at Tommy’s studio ( which is insane ) and James Micheal is producing. We laid down the bass and drums yesterday and Mick Mars comes in today to blast the guitars. Then Vince is coming in next week to do his vocals…. Havent been in the studio in a few years with the guys and it feel’s like magic…Hard to explain what it sounds like other than just straight out sexy…maybe throw some dirt and sarcasm on top too.. Who wants some? #NewCRUE”

Numerous reports are saying the Crüe is recording a song to coincide with their upcoming tour plans (which may or may not include a rumored tour with KISS). Whether more songs will come from the sessions is unclear, but Lee has been advocating to record “small bodies of work” rather than full albums in recent interviews. Still it will be nice to see the four playing in support of new material rather than another compilations package.