It used to be that if a band was going back into the studio,  you’d either read about it in a magazine like Revolver or Rolling Stone, or find out when the album came out. Now, the age of social media has made it super easy for acts to update their fans via a simple sentence or photo. Now two of metal’s bigger bands have done just that, with Metallica and Deftones stating that they’re back in the studio by posting pictures on Instagram.

It’s not that we haven’t had plenty of advance warning that both bands would be hitting the studio. Metallica even put out a song already, “Lords of Summer,” last year, but that’s all we got from them. And it was almost a year ago that Deftones said they would be headed into the studio to work on their eighth album. Yesterday, however, Deftones released a picture on Instagram of a cozy looking studio with the caption “back at it today.” In the meantime, some footage of the band allegedly working on Eros, the album that they’d been working on that was shelved when Chi Cheng got in a car accident that he eventually succumbed to injuries from. You can check that footage out after the Deftones pic.

Last Friday, Metallica also used Instagram to suggest that they’re working on their follow-up to Death Magnetic and/or Lulu. Someone, presumably Lars Ulrich, took a pic of Rob Trujillo in the studio with the caption “Rockin along…” It’s been seven years since Death Magnetic, and Trujillo gave several reasons why there’s been such a delay in between albums, two of which were Lulu and Through the Never.

Now we’ll just have to wait to see if any of these albums come out in 2015. Our money is on Deftones having something out first, but either way, we can look forward to some music from some high-profile bands coming out before too long.

Back at it today

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