Fans (including us) have been waiting in anticipation as Mastodon and Machine Head have been in the studio recording new material. It’s been two years since Mastodon’s Crack The Skye came out, and it’s been four years since Machine Head unleashed The Blackening. Both albums brought huge success for each band and opened them to bigger audiences. Thus, you can see why a lot is riding on both band’s follow ups. So when video updates hit the web or when rumors spread about each release, fans (still including us) become more intrigued.

This intensified interest also goes for pictures taken from the recording sessions, even if it doesn’t exactly reveal anything new about the actual album. Both bands have posted more of such pictures online. You can see new pictures uploaded by Mastodon over at their official website, while new pictures of Machine Head in the studio can be seen at

Now that you’ve seen more pictures from the studio, and most likely feel more teased, we want to re-ask the question we posed in the headline: are you more excited to hear Mastodon’s or Machine Head’s new album? We want to hear your choice in the comment section below.