devildriverIt’s only been about five months since Devildriver’s sixth album, Winter Kills, was released. And while the album was their most successful yet, debuting at #32 and selling 11,500 copies, it looks like the band is continuing with the momentum. A tweet sent last night by Dez Fafara suggests that they’ve already got some new songs ready. “I JUST HEARD 2 NEW #DEVILDRIVER SONGS! Sent by Boecklin! @jeffkendrick @MikeSpreitzer Good God Lets Up The Game I’m In #GonnaSurpriseYa” the tweet read. Guitarist Jeff Kendrick  responded with a simple “hell yeah my man!!! Into it #teameffort.”

Kendrick followed up to a fan’s request to hear the songs “you will hear soon enough I am sure!” So far, that’s all we know about when the next album will be released. Winter Kills was the band’s first album for Napalm Records after having been on Roadrunner since 2003. So far they’ve released an album every other year, which would mean their seventh album would come out next year, but if they’ve already got a few songs down, that might be sped up a bit.