Converge to converge upon the studio shortly

Posted by on April 10, 2017

Converge have risen up the ranks over the 27 years since their formation to become one of the elite bands in hardcore. Since the release of 2001’s Jane Doe, every album they release is pretty much an event, and it’s been five long years since the release of their eighth album, 2012’s All We Love We Leave Behind. The wait’s been a long one, and it appears that we might finally be getting that follow-up son, according to an Instagram post from drummer Ben Koller, they’ll be tracking the new album very shortly, like pretty much now.

That’s in keeping with what Koller said at the beginning of the year, so looks like things are on schedule. Given that the band have a tour with Neurosis coming up in July, it can be pretty much assumed that they’ll be done tracking it well before then. Hell, considering their guitarist is also their producer, there’s possibly even been some pre-production going on and they could have an album out in time for the tour depending on when they actually head into the studio. Total conjecture on our part, and wishful thinking as well, but it’s safe to assume a new Converge album will be out sometime this year. 

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