Converge, Neurosis making new music

Posted by on January 3, 2017


Good news for people that like good music. It’s 2017, and with that, we have a bunch of solid music to look forward to. And while we know that some stuff, like Mastodon, Ghost, Overkill and Suicide Silence will be out, there’s more releases being added by the week. It’s been since 2012 that Converge put anything out, but it looks like we can add the ninth album from them to that ever-growing list of releases. Drummer Ben Koller, who also plays in All Pigs Must Die, Mutoid Man and Killer Be Killed, gave an update on his Facebook page that touched on all four projects – and more:

Fuck 2016 but can’t really complain. Just finished recording albums with ALL PIGS MUST DIE, Mutoid Man and The Armed, the new Converge album will start tracking in the Spring, and there’s whispers in the dark of a new Killer Be Killed album. Played a ton of shows all over the world with 3 bands that I fuckin love, did some electronic drum tracking with Room Sound, made some crazy videos with Mrs. Woman and got some Koller cam POV drum footage into the new Jim Jarmusch doc about the Stooges. 2017 is already gearing up to be more productive than ever. See you guys out in the wild world.

Safe to say that Koller is one of the hardest-working drummers in music. It can be assumed that if the Converge album is tracked in the Spring, it should be out this Summer or Fall. However, Converge isn’t the only heritage metal band to be making new music, as Neurosis, who just released Fires Within Fires last year for their 30th anniversary, appear to be writing new music as well. On New Year’s Eve eve, the band recapped their year with a Facebook post:


It’s awesome to hear they’re back at it so soon, but it would be way premature to assume that Neurosis will be releasing anything new this year. They’ve been averaging an album every four years or so. But how awesome would it be to be a fly on the wall in that cabin and watching Neurosis music take shape? 

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