Are Carcass About To Release A New Album?!

Posted by on November 29, 2012

It’s been since 1996 since Carcass released their last album, Swansong. But it turns out that album might not have been their actual swan song. According to Blabbermouth, there’s a rumor that the grindcore/melodic metal pioneers are putting the finishing touches on a new studio album. The article claims that longtime producer Colin Richardson is working on the album, and that vocalist/bassist Jeff Walker and guitarist Bill Steer have been joined by Heaven Shall Burn and drummer Matthias Voigt

Arch Enemy guitarist Michael Amott and Daniel Erlandsson, who had been touring with Carcass since their 2007 reunion, will not be playing with them due to their other band. A label has yet to be named for the untitled album, which is said to be due out in 2013. We’re guessing just about every metal label out there is opening up their checkbooks and are on their way to the UK now. The band will be playing some live shows next year, including the Maryland Deathfest. We can’t imagine a new album from them being anything less than awesome, since they evolved throughout their initially short career. Can’t wait to hear what 17 years of growth might sound like.

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