The metal community reacts to Dave Brockie’s passing

Posted by on March 24, 2014


With the news of Oderus’ aka Dave Brockie’s death, there have been many different reactions from metal bands, musicians, and celebrities all across the internet. We’ve compiled a few of the many tributes:





Mark Morton (Lamb of God):

Mark Holcomb (Periphery): 

Phil Demmel (Machine Head):

David Draiman (Disturbed):

Scott Ian (Anthrax):

  Doc Coyle (Ex-God Forbid):

Dave Brockie is dead and I’m pissed off. I’m pissed off because I’m selfish and I don’t want him to not be around anymore. Gwar isn’t just a band. They are an institution, and Dave was more than a frontman. He was an artist. He had something to say and he lived the artist’s life, which is to say by his own accord. I had the fortune to tour with Gwar twice. First when I was 21 during the time that God Forbid was still getting it’s road legs. January of 2002, we started the longest single tour we had done at the time, and the biggest tour we had done at the time. That tour taught us how actually perform and win over an audience that didn’t want to like us. We had to earn it. It taught us how to connect with the people in the back of the room. Stop looking at your fretboard and fucking connect. A Gwar show was bigger than music. They were kind to us. Treated us as equals and we got to see their work ethic. Many people don’t know this, but everyone in Gwar loads in the gear, sets up the stage, helps repair their costumes and props. They might have been rockstars at showtime, but it was blue collar as it gets because that band lived on the road and would do 2 month tours like it was nothing. The 2nd time I toured with them was when I was playing with Lamb of God with Gwar opening in 2009. The 1st time ever saw Lamb of God after they changed from Burn the Priest was opening for Gwar at the Birch Hill Nite Club in Old Bridge, NJ in 2000. And that’s what they did. They brought Richmond, VA with them wherever they went. I feel the worst for that community because RVA is as pure as it gets when it comes to art, music, and family. I last saw Dave in November 2013 when I was filling for Unearth when we played the South By So What Fest in Texas. I spoke with my friend. He said he was keeping tabs on me, rooting for me. They say you can’t make “new” old friends. Ain’t that the truth. I will miss Dave dearly and our music family will never be the same.

Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage):

RIP to a fearless, hysterical, brilliant entertainer and musician. Dave Brockie better known as Oderus Urungus from GWAR. A metal Legend has been lost.

Devin Townsend:


R.I.P. Dave Brockie may the memory of Oderus Urungus live on in the hearts of all the slaves and scumdogs. Crank some Gwar today in Dave’s honor

Andrew W.K.:

David Brockie, may he party in heaven.

Dez Fafara (Devildriver, Coal Facotry):

Brenden Small (Metalocalypse creator):

Darkest Hour:

By now to many people have posted this info, and as much as we want this to be a joke, it must not be. Our heart is with the good dudes in Gwar and the rock community in RVA, This is just devastating. Dave was one of the most bad ass OG’s we have ever toured with. No words can contain his awesomeness and his memory will live on with us and his music. So honored to have been able to share the stage with him and the boys. On to the next dimension Dave..but those of us here we will miss you for eternity!

Andy Williams (Every Time I Die):

Alex Skolnick (Testament):

Jose Mangin (Host of Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal):

Jim Florentine (That Metal Show)

Cancer Bats:

RIP Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus.

We were so fortunate to have toured with Brockie and Gwar a year an a half ago. Day one of tour he walked into our dressing room, and welcomed us into the Gwar camp with a huge grin and open arms. We bonded together about him being Canadian like us and we were shocked at how friendly and down to earth someone who’s been in such a legendary band for 30 years could be. Its crazy to think, when you can remember being about 11 years old and hearing this amazing band for the first time and then 20 years later we were touring together and hanging out as friends! Our minds were blown! Gwar and Dave Brockie have always represented the best parts about music to us. The kind of band that cut through all the horseshit of mainstream pop culture and pushed all the boundaries while always teaching us not to take ourselves too seriously.

At our hometown show with Gwar, Oderus came up on stage and performed Sabotage with us that night! What an awesome moment that was for us and a special memory we will always cherish. Thank you Brockie, you made 4 kids from Canada beyond happy that night!

We will miss you brother! You are one of a kind!

Scumdogs forever!


Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed):

Dave Brockie R.I.P. ! Gone too soon! Talk about a genius/madman/artist/intellectual/crazy fucker/nice guy etc!! He brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces through out the years! Especially mine! He will be missed!!


Cattle Decapitation:

RIP Dave Brockie. Thank you for all the good times that we had on stage, off stage, backstage… We’re gonna miss you.

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