R.I.P. Housecore Horror Fest creator/author Corey Mitchell

Posted by on October 27, 2014

We were bummed that we weren’t able to make it down to Austin for the second annual Housecore Horror Film Festival this weekend, but even more sad to hear that its creator, Corey Mitchell, died earlier today of an apparent heart attack. Apparently, Mitchell, who also was a regular Metal Sucks contributor, and had been working on Phil Anselmo’s autobiography, suffered the heart attack at Emo’s the main venue of the festival. Housecore’s Facebook page confirmed his death earlier today. Mitchell had been a true crime author in addition to writing for Metal Sucks. We’d gotten a chance to meet him several years ago at SXSW, and found him to be a friendly and engaging person. It’s crushing to hear that someone that someone that gave so much to metal died so young. Here’s what the Facebook page said about his passing:

Thank you all for a fantastic weekend – it is, however, with a heavy heart that we here at Housecore Horror Film Festival must announce that our friend and the father of this wicked brain-child, Corey Mitchell, passed away this morning.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to his family. He loved the festival. He loved horror. He loved metal. You damn sure know he loved you guys. Cheers, and thank for your respect during this sensitive time.

By all accounts, the second annual fest was a great success, and it’s crushing that its founder is no longer here. It’s a safe assumption that the Festival won’t be making any immediate announcement about whether it will continue next year. It’s also safe to say that Anselmo’s autobiography, which was just pushed back last week, is in limbo as well. Our thoughts and prayers to Mitchell’s family, everyone at Housecore, and the many people that called him a friend.

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