Investigators Link Slipknot Disc To Double Homicide

Posted by on April 4, 2011

Did metal make him do it? 17 year old Kyle Smith has been accused of killing his grandparents, David and Rose Garrick, and burning their house to hide any evidence. Smith, who was living with his grandparents in Midwest City, Oklahoma, was arrested on March 23 while visiting a friend. Two other friends with him at the time were arrested for attempting to help Smith cover his traces. Amongst the 50 pieces collected at the scene of the crime was a Slipknot CD with a pentagram on its case. Police also claim that Smith admitted to liking heavy metal when he was arrested.

Yup, it’s another case where metal getting pinpointed for the depraved actions of one individual. Granted, investigators haven’t blamed metal music as a direct cause, but reports surrounding the incident are making damn sure that this little fact is publicized. We’ve defended metal and its fan base before, so we’ll keep this quick: it’s obvious that this particular individual has issues that go beyond anything concrete, but his musical interest is not an explanation for his horrific actions. Believe it or not, not every metal fan has psychotic tendencies. In fact, the music a psychopath listened to has nothing to do with his actions. I mean, what music was Hitler listening to when he killed 6 million Jews? Beside the point? EXACTLY. And what’s that Slipknot song where they talk about killing your grandparents? Oh, there isn’t one? I see.  And the Virginia Tech killer listened to Collective Soul a lot, but does that have anything to do with his massacre?

[via Rock News Desk and NewsOK]

[Note: While reports claim that the said Slipknot album found had a pentagram on its case, the album’s title was not revealed in reports.]

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