Danzig Puncher Writing A Book

Posted by on June 28, 2012


There’s so much to say about the North Side Kings. There was that one time eight years ago when the singer punched Glenn Danzig, and, well… wait, that’s the only noteworthy thing that’s ever happened to them. That’s somehow not stopping their singer, Danny Marianino, from writing a book about the incident. Don’t Ever Punch A Rockstar: A Collection of Hate Mail And Other Crazy Rumors is being readied by the frontman. From the book’s Facebook page:

Since the altercation between Glenn Danzig and Danny Marianino in 2004, Danny has been saving and collection a slew of hate mail, derogatory posts on blogs and messages that are so ridiculous it will blow your mind. Finally, some of the best bullshit following this event has been compiled into an amusing book detailing the events leading up and after a bad decision on both sides escalated. Don’t Ever Punch a Rockstar profiles a regular guys journey in music and learning to shrug off one of the most opinionated events in music history.

I don’t think the best way to “shrug off” something is by writing a book about it. I also think that in the grand pantheon of metal literature, this is like the kids that were playing Uno at the Rose Funeral show getting a book deal. But if you can only read one book a year on cold-cocking someone smaller than you, this has got to be it. And if it gives us another chance to post the video, then you’ve done your part, punchy.

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