Danzig Claims The Altercation With North Side Kings Was A “Set Up”

Posted by on May 25, 2012


That’s right, y’all. It was the punch seen on YouTube over a million times. Glenn Danzig was famously knocked out by North Side Kings frontman Danny Marianinho backstage in 2004. Danzig has gone on to say that he “allowed it to happen.” And in a recent interview with the LA Weekly, the former Misfits has gone as far to say that the altercation was a set up.

When asked about what lead to the backstage fight, Danzig claimed the following:

“That was him trying to get me on camera punching him so he could sue me or some shit. I forget what it was. When everyone was breaking it up, he coldcocked me. What are you going to do?”

Marianinho, who confronted Danzig after North Side Kings was shafted from the bill in Tuba City, AZ, claimed he punched Danzig in self-defense after he pushed him and yelled “Fuck you, motherfucker.” Whether it was just a coincidence that he had a friend filming the altercation is up for debate. However, Danzig’s backstage behavior has been well documented.

For old times’ sake, you can watch the infamous Danzig knockout video above.

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