Readers of Metal Insider will know that Metal Blade president Brian Slagel is an avid hockey fan. But even we were surprised when he announced earlier this week via Facebook that he had officially become part of the ownership team of minor league hockey team the Trenton Titans. We reached out to Slagel to see if he would discuss how he became involved with the team. Here’s what he had to say.

Ok metal is by far my passion, but I also do love the sport of hockey. I know this is pretty common knowledge these days especially if you follow me on Twitter (brianslagel btw). That love of hockey has transitioned into business a couple of times in my life so far. In 2000, I was part owner of the Lake Charles Ice Pirates of the then WPHL. That was quite a story, but I will save that for another time. I still am a shareholder in the Central Hockey League and the company that builds small arenas connected with that league.


Recently a friend of mine, Rich Lisk, who is the GM and part owner of the Trenton Titans, sent me an email. I first met Rich with Paul Conroy who used to manage Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Unearth and Job For A Cowboy for us. His company Good Fight had a sports division and Rich was a part of it. Paul, knowing I was a big hockey fan, he thought Rich and I would hit it off. We did and talked from time to time. In that email Rich sent, the Titans were looking for people who wanted to be part of the ownership group of the team. He was reaching out to some local people and also myself as a hockey super fan. The opportunity was interesting because Trenton is close to NYC and he really wanted myself  and Metal Blade to help the team in a marketing effort. We talked and it seemed like a good fit.


So here I am part of another ownership group of a hockey team. We are just starting up and I am really looking forward to working with them. At Metal Blade we do a lot of things with social media. This I feel is a really important part of the future and we have been able to really do a lot to help our artists through these avenues. I am curious to see if we can do the same for something outside of what we normally do. Also the team really is into us helping make them the official team of heavy metal! So we are working on some really cool promotions that will help us get to that level, we hope! I will be tweeting the whole time so come join me there and come join me at a game! If you have not been to a hockey game live, it is a blast!! Plus Trenton is really easy to get to from New York City or Philly via public transportation. Come on out and support the hockey team of metal!!


Here is where to go for more info:

Twitter: @ttitans