What do Dr. Dre and Slipknot have in common? Well, it’s been a while since either has released an album, both perform with a DJ, and if the hint given in the above video is any indication, both might both be boasting their own line of headphones soon. “Something Monsterous is Coming 2013,” the text says in the clip that features footage of the band playing “Psychosocial.” The site it links to features the trailer again, as well as the Social Monsters logo, which is Monster Cable’s online arm.

Monster, in collaboration with Beats, manufactures and develops the hugely popular “beats by dr. dre,” headphones. whose iconic logo and red cable have become a status symbol. The pricey headphones accounted for 53% of the monetary value of the headphones market in 2011. with Beats and Monster’s partnership coming to an end by the end of the year, Monster is looking to brand their headphones with new artists. They may have found a good partner with Slipknot.