Line up ‘at the gates’ of Maryland Deathfest XII

Posted by on July 29, 2013

maryland deathfest 2014Maryland Deathfest XI might only be two months old, but suddenly, fans have a reason to get excited for the twelfth edition of the event. If the lineup for Deathfest XI was amazing to you, the first round of bands has already been announced for Deathfest XII, and it’s looking to be skull-crushing. Bands like At the Gates, Gorguts, and Taake already have confirmed their appearance, and this is just round one.

Maryland Deathfest started up back in 2003, and has since hosted bands such as Suffocation, Pestilence, Godlfesh, Arsis, and Ghost to name a few over the years. Along with the three bands above that have confirmed appearances, Bongripper, Solstafir, Mgla, Excruciating Terror, Hemdale, and Diocletian will also be performing. Want more cool news? Maryland Deathfest XII is the only U.S. tour date that has been announced for At the Gates, Taake, Solstafir, and Mgla so far!

And while Carpathian Forest isn’t booked yet, it seems like that’s about to be one of the next bands booked, according to MDF’s Facebook Page.

We have a feeling many of you will ask what’s going on with Carpathian Forest, so here’s what’s going on. We had preliminary discussion with them right after MDF XI and all parties understand what needs to be done for them to come to the US next year, but since our contact person for the band has been on vacation with no access to e-mail, we have to wait until he’s back before confirming that officially. So, as of now, they are NOT confirmed, but chances are likely that they will confirm sometime soon.

So even as your Summer tour plans are still taking shape, know that you already have your Memorial Day 2014 plans set.

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