bieberA few years back, we pointed out that singer (?) Justin Bieber knows enough about Metallica to hum the opening guitar solo to “Fade to Black.” We also pointed out that he was born between when the Black Album and Load were released. In fact, the 21 year-old’s entire musical career has happened since Metallica’s last album, Death Magnetic. However, the Biebs is still pretending he likes Metallica, as evidenced by a picture on his Instagram account. Wearing an …And Justice For All-era shirt with a hat that looks like he stole it from John Mayer or a Canadian Mounted Policeman that no Metallica fan would be caught wearing, he hashtagged the picture with #fearofgod. The picture has gotten one million likes in four days. Metallica fans, as you’d imagine, are not happy, which you can see in his comments section.


#fearofgod @jerrylorenzo

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