Tool performed this past weekend on Halloween night, at Tempe, AZ’s Monster Mash, and they dressed up like classic hard rock icons Led Zeppelin. “Good news, it’s fucking Halloween,” Maynard James Keenan told the crowd, “Bad news, we are not Led Zeppelin.”

Those in attendance took that “bad news” in stride, as it was Tool’s first full show since early 2014. The costumed legends took to the stage by playing their cover of Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter,” which was the first time they’d played it since 1998. They followed it up by playing “The Grudge” for the first time since 2002, and also played  “Parabol,” “Parabola,” and “extended versions of ‘Descending’ and ‘Stinkfist.'”

This was Tool’s first performance of 2015, barring a warm-up gig the previous night without Maynard, and most likely their last. Keenan is going to be busy with the new Puscifer album that just came out this past Friday, and they’ll be on tour starting tomorrow, all of November, and well into mid December.


(via Stereogum)