One of the perks of having your own festival is that you can pretty much do whatever you want at it. That seems to be what Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet is doing with his inaugural “Kirk von Hammett’s Fear FestEviL,” taking place from February 6-8 in San Francisco. Not only will he be bringing in Carcass, Death Angel, Orchid and Exodus to play the fest, he’s also announced via Metallica’s Facebook page that he’ll be playing encores with both Exodus and Death Angel.

It’s not all that surprising that he might pop up to jam with Exodus – after all, he did help form the band, jump-starting the Bay Area thrash scene before joining the biggest band in the world. But it’ll be exciting to see him play with them, as well as Death Angel. Almost as exciting as it would be to see him play with Carcass. While we’re not going to be able to make the trek out there, we’ll be sure to bring you crappy sounding fan-filmed footage of both nights as soon as they happen. Here’s the musical lineup for the Fest, which will take place at the Regency Ballroom:

Friday, 2/7 – Carcass and Exodus + Kirk encore
Saturday, 2/8 – Death Division, Orchid, and Death Angel + Kirk encore

There’s also plenty of other people popping up, like Friday the 13th‘s Jason, Kane Hodder, Slash, Scott Ian and Horror movie makeup master Tom Savini. You can purchase tickets for the FestEviL here.