In addition to launching a family fund in honor of the late Cory Smoot (aka Flattus Maximus), GWAR had stated their hopes to launch a memorial concert for the fallen guitarist. And now plans for said memorial show, which will also serve as a CD release party for Cory Smoot Experiment’s new album When Worlds Collide (which Smoot recorded prior to passing away), have been revealed.

The Cory Smoot Experiment CD Release and Memorial Show will be held on January 7, 2012 at The Canal Club in Richmond, VA. The show will include performances from Mensrea, Cannabis Corpse, the Dave Brockie Experience and many others, and Smoot’s album When Worlds Collide will be available for $10. The following message was posted on a Facebook event page for the show:

“Before Cory’s tragic death his solo record had just been pressed and ready for distribution. This show is to honor the legacy and memory of a great man and all he did to inspire fellow musicians and fans all over the world. All of the bands represented were all friends of Cory’s and would like to pay homage by bringing together as much of the local music scene as we can muster.”

The show will also be raffling many great prizes, such as t-shirts from Bob Tyrell’s Night Gallery Tattoo, a $50 gift card from Bandito’s Burrito Lounge, aCD and t-shirt from U.S. Brass, and more to be announced. Tickets for the show are $10, with all the proceeds going to the Smoot Family Fund. You can find out more information about the event on Facebook, while the complete lineup of bands set to perform at the memorial show can be seen after the jump.


Cannabis Corpse

Antietam 1862

Dave Brockie Experience

Throne From Royalty

Make Like Murder