Editorial: Danzig needs to get original lineup together for Danzig II set at Psycho Las Vegas

Posted by on January 31, 2020

Just recently, the acts for the 2020 incarnation of Psycho Las Vegas were announced. No doubt, this is going to be their best lineup yet. And of course, the exclusive North American Mercyful Fate reunion set really caught my eye (sadly minus Michael Denner) as did the announcement of Satyricon, Watain and so many more incredible bands. But what really got me jumping out of my Amtrak coach seat was the announcement that Danzig would be performing Danzig II:  Lucifuge!

Now, if you read Metal Insider regularly you know I’ve espoused the strong desire to see Danzig get his original lineup back together. And you probably also know that John Christ (now Faculty at John Hopkins’ Peabody Institute) is ready to play with Danzig. In fact, he’s ready to get on a plane and start rehearsing on a moment’s notice. And as talented as Tommy Victor is on guitar, he’s not John Christ and, to be frank, I can’t really imagine anyone other than John Christ playing guitar on songs like “777” and “I’m the One.”

And as great as Johnny Kelly is on the drums, there’s only one man who looks like this when he hits the skins on “Her Black Wings”:


Danzig’s fans have been extremely loyal all these years. We’ve stuck with Danzig through an array of misses and we keep coming back. And we certainly love the great musicians in the band now, the Danzig I-IV lineup was magical and there’s no other quarter that sounds like them or has ever sounded like them. So many young people, now just getting into Danzig never got to see the original four play live together. Unforgettable experiences every single time. With all the members now at the far end of middle, there aren’t too many opportunities left for this to happen. And if Glenn Danzig can get together with Jerry Only, there’s no excuse whatsoever for not reuniting with three individuals who helped greatly in propelling Danzig to the top of the metal world for so many great years and records.


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