This much can be said about Adult Swim, they don’t just dip their toe in the metal waters, they go for it. Whether it’s Metalocalypse: Dethklok, having Unearth and Mastodon on the Aqua Teen: Hunger Force soundtrack, or their long-running singles series that’s given us new music from Sleep, Deafheaven, High on Fire and Mastodon (again. Hey, Adult Swim is from Atlanta too), they’ve represented the genre. This year’s is no difference, but it seems like they’re holding back some of the metal until later in the series, with Slayer and Myrkur coming starting in late August. They did, however, release a track from Thou today.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that’s listened to Thou in the past that this is pretty intense. The sludge metal band’s contribution, “Eyehatethou” is as sludgy and heavy as anything you’d expect from either them or the band they reference in the song’s title. It’s available for free download at Adult Swim Singles’ website.