Vince Neil “No Longer Welcomed” At The Palms In Las Vegas

Posted by on April 3, 2012

Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil has made Las Vegas his home and place of business for a while now. And he’s has caused a lot of trouble in Sin City (emphasis on a lot). However, it appears that he has finally outworn his welcome at The Palms Casino Resort, who claim that Neil is “no longer welcomed” after remarks he made via Twitter.

Neil first ruffled The Palms’ feathers with a tweet made on March 28, saying “I love Vegas, but DO NOT GO TO LITTLE BUDDHA @palms IN VEGAS!! OMG RUDEST STAFF EVER!! Don’t go!!” The singer then wrote a series of tweets last night (April 2) further expressing his disappointment with The Palms, saying:

“Do to recent events, including distrust and dishonesty at the executive level. I will never again step foot @palms property. It’s unfortunate because I have great friends @palms and I have a lot of respect for the Maloof family!!

If your a Spring Breaker I don’t recommend you go there! @palms doesn’t care about you!!”

Though Neil says he will not step foot in The Palms again, the casino resort has since made it clear that he isn’t welcomed anyway, saying in a series of their own tweets:

“Mr. Neil has recently made negative comments about Palms on Twitter, however, he fails to mention his own actions. As a result of Mr. Neil’s inappropriate behavior, he was asked to leave a restaurant at Palms. Mr. Neil has also since called Palms personnel threatening negative publicity. While we believe this is unfortunate, and would prefer that Mr. Neil put his efforts toward apologizing for his conduct, such threats will have no effect on Palms’ policies or its decision in this matter.

We at Palms take customer service very seriously, but we also take the well being of our team members just as seriously. We cannot and will not allow our guests, no matter who they are, to mistreat our team members. As a result of his actions, Mr. Neil is no longer welcome at Palms.”

Shortly after The Palms’ tweets, Neil responded again via Twitter saying “@palms can say what they want. It’s all lie’s. Fuck the executives!! I’ll name names later!! @palms looking for any excuse for people not going there because they don’t treat people with respect!!”

Whether you believe Neil or The Palms’ side of the story is your call. However, as we mentioned before, Neil doesn’t really have the best track record. Either way, Neil shouldn’t be too annoyed about getting banned from The Palms. At least he has his own classy establishment in Vegas to hang out in.

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