Ted Nugent’s wife arrested for carrying a handgun in her carry-on

Posted by on September 3, 2013

Ted Nugent and wifeShemane Ann Nugent, aka Mrs. Ted Nugent, was arrested Thursday for having a handgun in her carry-on luggage at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, according to the Associated Press. The weapon was found at a security checkpoint, the AP says.

The Nuge’s wife was arrested after the .38 special handgun and five rounds of ammunition were discovered in her bag. She allegedly told police she was carrying the gun for protection due to a series of death threats that she says have been made against her, the Toronto Sun reports. After the arrest she spent some time in the slammer and was released. She faces a fine, The Sun reports. David Finn, attorney for the rockstar’s wife, claimed the Mrs. made an “honest mistake” and that she has a license to carry a concealed weapon, the AP says.

While hubby Ted has given no official statement on the matter, we can pretty much gather what the expressively strong supporter of the Second Amendment might have to say about the arrest.

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