Vinnie Vincent Incarceration

Posted by on May 23, 2011

When we heard about a former KISS guitarist getting arrested while heavily intoxicated, we felt terrible for Ace Frehley – until we found out it was Vinnie Vincent. TMZ reports that the onetime KISS guitarist and leader of the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, who’s real name is Vincent Cusano, was arrested on Sunday (May 22) at his home in Murfreesboro TN for assault after his wife Diane showed up at a police station “covered in blood and reeking of alcohol,” according to TMZ. Allegedly, Vincent and his wife got into a fight over a girl that he was talking to, and he threw her to the ground, dragging her through some broken glass. She finally escaped and drove to the police station. When the cops arrived to arrest him, they found four sealed containers with dead dogs inside. Diane told the police that they had been killed by an aggressive dog. Vincent was arrested for aggravated domestic assault and had bail set at $10,000. As for Vincent’s mug shot, to quote our friend Zena Metal, “I thought Liz Taylor died already.”

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