Guess which side of Obama’s speech Ted Nugent came out on?

Posted by on January 6, 2016

Yesterday, President Barack Obama gave an emotional speech about gun regulation. Laying out the case from the East Room of the White House, he outlined the executive actions he was going to take. While expanding background checks, clarifying that people that sell arms register as firearms dealers, and hiring more people to ensure that is somewhat reasonable, even if the President is circumventing congress to do so, you’d expect the NRA and 2nd Amendement-supporting American to push back, which of course they did. Not surprisingly, bow enthusiast and former rock star Ted Nugent had an immediate reaction on his Facebook page, and it wasn’t a calm and measured one.

“I will write a comprehensive piece on the Chicago scam artist in chief on his latest lies about tyranical trampling of the 2nd Amendment but know it ye all goodmen everywhere that his ongoing criminal oath violating INFRINGEMENTS would NOT have stopped nor will ever stop ANY mass shootings or crime that anyone is aware of. He is a psychopathic America hating liar. Period. Even his freedom hating AG made it perfectly clear she is ‘…. keeping a close eye on gun owners….’ instead of repeat criminal thugs. Dear God in heaven America is going down fast! Give NRA mbrshps to everyone you know TODAY!!”

On the one hand, it’s reasonable for gun enthusiasts to assume that it’s a slippery slope from expanded background checks to people having their guns taken from them. On the other hand, looking at all the shootings that have gone on, and allowing terrorists to legally purchase guns, like the San Bernardino shooters have, this demands some action. The Nuge seems to look at this as a black and white issue, and there are shades of grey.


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