KISS bandits strike auto body shop in Jersey

Posted by on March 14, 2014

kiss2While they might not be playing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, KISS continue to make headlines. Actually, this wasn’t KISS proper, but in Saddle Brook, NJ this past weekend, a quartet of masked marauders with Paul Stanley masks hit a Maaco Auto Body Shop, smashing cars and causing $40,000 worth of damage.

NJ.com reports that the four damaged at least 25 vehicles. The four vandals used metal pipes, a shovel, a fire extinguisher and spray paint on their rampage, but it was all caught on video. While the vandalism happened on Saturday, workers didn’t discover the wreckage until Monday. And while we’re not advocating vandalism, the quote Deputy Police Chief Robert White gave is mildly hysterical and sounds like something from a movie (no, not Detroit Rock City):

“Our hope is that someone from the public can identify one or all of the ‘hoodlums’ involved in this disturbing and shocking crime, or maybe have heard of them boasting about their most stupid behavior,” the deputy chief said. “They may have thought their silly rampage was a joke and funny, but our desire is that they soon learn just how not a joke it is to be locked up in the Bergen County Jail and locked up with colleagues they can further joke with.”

Also, as an aside to NJ.com, Paul Stanley is KISS’ vocalist, not their guitarist.

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