Neko Case – Secret Metalhead?

Posted by on November 6, 2009

nekocorsetChances are, if you like metal, you don’t know who Neko Case is. The alt-countryish singer is best known for her solo career and ther ime in the New Pornographers. Aside from that, she’s really hot. And according to what the Deciblog points out, she just got even hotter. They reference a review of her Thursday show by St. Louis music blog the Riverfront Times where the red-headed crooner discussed music in between songs that was neither alt nor country.

“Inexplicably, banter throughout the set turned to Slayer, and Case musing that ‘Tom Araya probably got the most pussy in metal.’ References to all forms of metal became a recurring—and increasingly ridiculous—theme as the 90-minute set wore on. The introduction to ‘Prison Girls’ was: ‘This song could be a Slayer song. Or our Celtic Frost. Those guys are too serious to get laid,’ and devolved into musing about Cannibal Corpse ordering English breakfast after a recent tour date. Case revealed she likes KISS and Iron Maiden and at some point blurted out, ‘It’s fucking embarrassing to be Megadeth.'”

A commenter says that she also mentioned Venom, Ratt and Cinderella, even playing a little of “Don’t Know What You Got (`Til It’s Gone)” and a little bit of Maiden’s “Number of the Beast.” It should also be pointed out that she appeared on an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force last year. LOVE.

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