antimortemnewsoutherncdNext Tuesday, April 29, Oklahoma band Anti-Mortem will be releasing their debut album on Nuclear Blast. New Southern is a bit more straight-ahead rock and roll than a lot of the label’s roster, and is definitely a bit more Scorpion Child than Suicide Silence, but that makes the band stand out on NB’s roster. The 13-track southern-fried New Southern was produced by Bob Marlette, and the band just got a chance to road-test the album while opening for Texas Hippie Coalition.

Now Metal Insider is giving you a chance to win a New Southern bundle pre-order, which includes a CD and a signed poster. To enter, just send us an e-mail at contests[at]metalinsider[dot]net. We’ll pick a winner at random next Tuesday. Check out the band’s debut video, “100% Pure American Rage,” below.