We’ve known that comedian Bill Burr, one of the biggest standup comics of the last decade, was a fan of metal. He’s spoken about Earthless, and most recently called Meshuggah a “life altering experience” live. Most recently, on his “Monday Morning Podcast,” Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen guested on the show. Of course, he has an album and tour to support, but he’s apparently known Burr long enough that he’d invited him to play drums with the band last year. The comedian said that he didn’t take it seriously when he was offered, but Burr said that Ministry’s new track made him want to play:

Burr: It made me want to go play drums. That’s how I know I like a song, is I immediately go into fantasy mode and whatever cool thing is happening, I’m doing it. So you’re one for one. So at first I was playing drums, and then when you did the harmonica part—then that was me in my fantasy, I was playing that—and everybody was gazing up at the stage going ‘wow, look how awesome Bill is.’”

Jourgensen: “That could still happen, we’ve offered you to come onstage before and you pussied out.”

Burr: “I didn’t pussy out, what are you talking about?”

Jourgensen: “At that Danzig thing or whatever. [Danzig‘s 2017 ‘Blackest Of The Black Festival‘.]”

Burr: “I couldn’t make it down there.”

Jourgensen: “Look we were ready to bring you a helicopter to fly down onto stage and have you come back and play drums for us.”

Burr: “Now that you said I’m a pussy I’ll do it. I’m playing a little bit of double bass now. I just don’t want to ruin it. I don’t want to ruin it because people are coming there to see you.

You know what it was, because you were doing a festival, so I figured you played a shorter set. Like if you’re going and it’s a full-on you show, if you have some jerk-off comic come on for one song, I think the crowd can handle that.

But if it’s just like ‘hey we only got time for six songs and on one of ’em the guy from VH1‘s ‘I Love The 80s Strikes Back‘ is gonna play drums—now I know you guys might get a kick out of that. I’m just worried that your fans, what they’re gonna fucking throw at me while I’m up there.

Jourgensen goes on to talk about drugs and the time that they invited Metallica’s Kirk Hamnett onstage to play their  cover of Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut” onstage. You can listen to the whole podcast below. Ministry’s AmeriKKKant will be released on Friday (9) and can be preordered here.


[via theprp.com]