Metallica, Faith No More among top 5 videos of the week

Posted by on September 30, 2016


Another week has flown by, and there have been quite a few added music videos, where this week seems harder than last to select a top five. It has been a crazy week in music, as we are gearing closer to the release of Metallica’s tenth studio album Hardwired… to Self-Destruct to rumors of a near complete Tool album. The wait for both has felt like an eternity that I am surprised I mentioned them in the same sentence. Regarding videos, there have been quite a few creative and inventive ones including the recent premiere of Mono’s abrasive tune “Requiem For Hell.” Here is this week’s top five music videos, with a few extra bonuses at the end since narrowing this week’s list down was nearly impossible.

5) Megadeth, “Conquer or Die”

Earlier this year, Megadeth released their fifteenth studio album Dystopia, which has been a promised comeback after the last recent albums especially 2013’s Super Collider. After nearly nine months of its release, Megadeth created a video for the instrumental tune “Conquer or Die.” It is a pretty straight-forward video as it follows old live footage of the band and the track alone is magnetizing that makes you want to consistently listen and watch. It is a bold return for these titans, as the guitar riffing mastery continues to flourish.


4) Kvelertak – “Svartmesse”

Norwegian metallers Kvelertak released their third studio album Nattesferd in May under Roadrunner Records. The band teamed up with a close friend, animator Torjus Førre Erfjord to create a sinister looking animation video for “Svartmesse.” When watching this, it is as though you are going through old drawings of a darker Hayao Miyazaki film such as 2001’s Spirited Away as the images continue to pop out, haunt and flow with the music.


3) Hammerfall – “Hammer High”

Sweden’s Hammerfall are back with the anticipated release of Built to Last on November 4 under Napalm Records. With that said, they unveiled the catchy anthem-esque tune “Hammer High” along with the Viking, Spartan, and headbanging induced warrior video behind it. It is a fine pairing of cheese with a glass of pure power metal. The visuals hysterically play along with this theme as it has me ready for the new album and upcoming North American tour in 2017.


2) Faith No More – “Cone Of Shame”

For the last few weeks, Faith No More teased an upcoming video of “Cone Of Shame” from their 2015 release of Sol Invictus. I must say that Faith No More is becoming quite the phantom act, as that release alone had a near twenty-year follow-up from 1997’s Album of the Year. Tour wise I had last seen them at Heavy Montreal in 2015, but not much since then aside possibly a few sporadic dates. Finally, we have a “surprise” video release of “Cone of Shame” as the opening reminds me of the movie the Shining or a motorcycle commercial for Yamaha. However, this changes into a mob-like video where it can be quite violent and suspenseful. Well done and hopefully, there will be more to follow!


1) Metallica – “Moth Into Flame”

Many have been curious about what does the new Metallica sound like especially having full creative control as Hardwired…To Self Destruct is set to release under their own label, Blackened Recordings. As a devoted Metallica fan, I must say when I heard and saw the new “Moth Into Flame” I had a better reaction to it than the prior “Hardwired” unveiling. The video is simple as moths appear flying throughout, with additional effects as well. However, there are less than two months until the long anticipated release and who knows what they are willing to reveal next!



1) The Agonist – “The Hunt”

It has been a few years since Vicky Psarakis joined The Agonist as the lead vocalist. After endless touring and showing the world the new lineup, the second album with Vicky has arrived today on September 30, the overall fifth album for the group entitled Five under Napalm Records. Just a few days before the release the video for “The Hunt” has been revealed, and it seems to be moving in a stronger direction than 2015’s Eye of Providence.


2) Dark Tranquillity – “The Pitiless”

Let’s not forget Dark Tranquillity as they dropped the merciless tune of “The Pitiless” for the upcoming album Atoma set to release on November 4 under Century Media Records. The video itself makes you want to go on the road and travel as fast as humanly possible to see them live.

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