Metal Insider’s Top 5: “Reunion Albums” we wish would become a reality

Posted by on January 20, 2014

FLAGHonorable Mention: FLAG

Last year produced not one, but TWO versions of Black Flag [surprise: it led to a lawsuit]. And while Greg Ginn’s version of the iconic punk band released a new album that was… well, let’s just say it isn’t the comeback album we hoped for. So wouldn’t it be nice if FLAG (the version boasting vocalist Keith Morris and other former members) produced an album that Black Flag fans could be proud of (or at least enjoy more then what Ginn offered)?



quicksand-450Honorable Mention: Quicksand

While Quicksand was somewhere between hardcore, metal and alternative, the NYC band’s Slip and Manic Compression helped define post-hardcore in the mid-90s grunge movement. Since disbanding in 1995 just as they were starting to get popular, their best-known member is likely Sergio Vega, who’s now playing bass in Deftones. Their reunion in 2012 showed that there was still an audience for them, but there’s no word of a new album from them just yet, despite rumors.



FailureBandHonorable Mention: Failure

Another ‘90s alternative band, Failure was the mastermind of producer Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards. The band’s guitar sound and melodic post-rockish sound also spawned Troy Van Leeuwen, who’s went on to play in A Perfect Circle, and then Queens of the Stone Age. They’ll be playing in California this year, and they’re pretty much a secret handshake band among musicians, especially since Andrews has gone on to produce so much other music. It’ll be interesting to hear if the original lineup makes more music.



APCHonorable Mention: A Perfect Circle

Since returning from hiatus in 2010, A Perfect Circle has been touring on and off. They even recently released a compilation album featuring a new song, and more recently a live box set. Could a full-length be next? Well we’d like to see that … as long as it doesn’t stall Maynard James Keenan from finishing a new Tool album!





infectious-grooves-1-by-dave-meadHonorable Mention: Infectious Groove

Last year’s reunion of the original Infectious Grooves lineup at Orion was definitely a highlight for some. The combination of Suicidal Tendencies’ Mike Muir and Metallica’s Robert Trujillo made for some fun and funky alternative jams in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Joined onstage by former Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin, it was pretty much an all-star band. The band’s Wikipedia page says that the band, which has been on hiatus since 2007, were working on new material. However, that was said by Muir in 2006, or a year before the band went on hiatus. You probably shouldn’t hold your breath, but if those freaks really are here to party, we’re sure you’ll hear about it.

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