Metal Insider’s Top 5: Musicians Who Should Induct Guns N’ Roses Instead Of Green Day

Posted by on April 9, 2012

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Last week, it was confirmed that Guns N’ Roses would be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame by Green Day. The news made us ask the question “Really?” No offense to the pop punk group, but would you have Lil Wayne induct Metallica because the rapper made a “rock” album? The announcement proved how out of touch the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame really are with rock music (as if we needed more proof with that).

While we tried to brush it off as another example of the Hall Of Fame’s ignorance, we still couldn’t help but think who would have been a better choice to induct GN’R. Granted, you could easily say “almost everyone.” However, with the Hall Of Fame’s induction ceremony just a few days away (April 14), we tried to list the top 5 individuals/bands that would be more suited to induct Guns N’ Roses.


5. Dave Grohl

To be honest, we were a little mixed about this pick. While Grohl can really do no wrong and will always be an honorary metalhead, he was still a member of Nirvana (a group who not only helped destroy the 80’s metal scene, but also had a mini feud with GN’R). However, it’s safe to say that the grudge is dead and gone, with Grohl having recently collaborating with Slash and Duff McKagen on the song “Watch This.”


4. Ozzy Osbourne

The Prince Of Darkness, who was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2006 with Black Sabbath, has been friends with Slash for a long time. In fact, Ozzy supposedly wrote “Crucify The Dead” (for Slash’s debut solo album) about what he would say to Axl Rose if he was in his shoes. Considering that, it might make things a little awkward if Rose was to actually show up, but it would still be one hell of an honor for any band to get inducted by the godfather of metal.


3. Corey Taylor

Duff has been very vocal about his admiration for the Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman. Plus, Taylor was pretty damn close to replacing Scott Weiland in Velvet Revolver. Chances are Taylor would jump at the chance to honor GN’R, while Slipknot’s gigantic status in today’s rock scene (not just metal, mind you) would make him a strong candidate for the job. Then again, that would imply that the Hall Of Fame even knows who Slipknot is.


2. Avenged Sevenfold

Ok, so the chances of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame even knowing who Avenged Sevenfold is are as likely as KISS getting inducted anytime soon. Still, if there is one modern metal band who has unarguably been influenced by GN’R the most, it would be Avenged Sevenfold. Plus, not only have they opened for Axl’s version of the band before, but they’ve also performed “It’s So Easy” with Slash and Duff on separate occasions.


1. Lars Ulrich

The Metallica drummer has always been a fan of Axl Rose and the band. In fact, Metallica and GN’R have not only been old pals, but even former tour mates back in 1992. And more recently (2010 to be exact), Ulrich even hopped onstage with Axl’s new version of the band in Oakland, CA to perform “Out Ta Get Me.” Apparently, Ulrich even felt comfortable enough with GN’R to puke in their dressing room. Considering his relationship with the band, and that Metallica were inducted back in 2009, Ulrich may be the most appropriate to actually induct the band.


Honorary Mention: Alice Cooper

Similar to Ozzy, the newly inducted Hall Of Fame member also has a bit of history with GN’R. He appeared on the song “The Garden” and worked with Slash numerous times. There’s also a live bootleg floating around the web of GN’R and Cooper performing “Under My Wheels” together.



Honorary Mention: Sebastian Bach

Let’s face it, there’s a better shot of the ex-Skid Row singer showing up to the induction ceremony than half of the original lineup (including his best friend Axl).




Honorary Mention: Lana Del Ray

Wait, wouldn’t Green Day be a better choice to induct GN’R than this pop singer? Well if rumors are true, maybe she could convince Rose to show up.

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