By now, you’ve heard about all of the rumors surrounding Corey Taylor and Velvet Revolver. Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything regarding Velvet Revolver at all. And in addition to VR’s future being up in the air, it would appear that Taylor’s involvement altogether is once again in question as well…at least to Slash, anyway.

The guitarist was the first to stop tiptoeing around the issue and admit that they were “auditioning” the Slipknot and Stone Sour singer, but that no decision had been made. However, in a recent interview with Argentina’s Vorterix.com, Slash admitted that he didn’t feel that Taylor was the best fit for Velvet Revolver, despite his admiration for him otherwise. You can watch the entire interview up top, but here’s what Slash had to say regarding the Taylor rumor:

“Because of the social networking, and the way that information gets out so quickly now… We did work with Corey Taylor, and as soon as that rumor [got around], next thing you know, everybody is saying Corey’s the new singer. And all we were doing was just rehearsing with him and trying him out — auditioning him, so to speak. So, in order to do that, our process is to… we take a lot of music that we wrote and we give it to him and he writes his lyrics and he comes in and we just perform it and record it and see [what it sounds like]. It’s just an audition process; it’s the way that we do it. So he did come in and do all that. But I just wasn’t… It just didn’t seem to fit right to me. And he’s great — and I love Corey — but it didn’t seem like the answer to the Velvet Revolver problem.”

Though he seems less than ecstatic than his fellow band mates were when the rumor first popped up, it would appear that enthusiasm for Velvet Revolver in general has decreased over the past few months. Bassist Duff McKagan, who has probably been the most vocal about his love for Corey Taylor, has also began to downplay the rumors by saying that there is no “urgency” for Velvet Revolver to do anything. More recently, Duff told GuitarInternational.com that “if Velvet Revolver is going to happen again, it will happen when it’s supposed to happen.” Well doesn’t sound too promising…

Granted, no band should simply rush to find a replacement just to get back on the road and in the spotlight. But it’s been about three years now since Scott Weiland left the band. It’s cool that Slash, Duff, drummer Matt Sorum, and guitarist Dave Kushner have got other things going on. But if Velvet Revolver truly was such a priority, wouldn’t they attempt to make more headway this year with finding a new singer (like they promised they would)? Then again, who knows, maybe they were putting a lot of effort into Taylor only to realize that something just didn’t click or couldn’t work out (keep in mind that Taylor is a pretty busy guy).

We’ll keep you posted, as always, when more develops.