Metal Insider’s top 5: bands with extra musicians

Posted by on November 17, 2014


2) Melvins/Big Business

Big Business  started out as a two piece that sounded like they should be a five-piece. With Jarred Warren’s lumbering bass and drummer Coady Willis’ busy drums, they more than made up for the fact that there were only two members in the band (they’ve since added a guitarist). In 2006, the rhythm section joined Melvins, even though Dale Crover remained in the band. And while having two drummers might seem superfluous, or like something out of a Grateful Dead nightmare, Melvins with two drummers, as best heard on 2006’s A Senile Animal. It makes the band’s sludge metal sludgier and their stoner metal even stoner-ier. And while Melvins have more recently put out albums as a trio with their original drummer and with Butthole Surfers members, respectively, their modern peak, in our opinion, is with Big Business.

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