Metal Insider’s top 5: bands with extra musicians

Posted by on November 17, 2014


3) Whitechapel

Whitechapel have had three guitarists since 2007, essentially the beginning of their career. While you’d think that a deathcore band might not need a third guitarist, vocalist Phil Bozeman says that each guitarist’s influences help shape the sound of the band, with Ben Savage, favoring death metal, Zach Householder having a preference for black metal and Alex Wade bringing a hardcore influence. Savage told Loudwire that having a triple axe attack gives the band “more soul.”:

Having two guitarists on the side coming out in the left and right speakers, it’s going to stay heavy the entire time and the guitar up the center is just doing harmonies and solos. It keeps the sound in check. As far as a writing standpoint we definitely have more ideas, more riffs, more thoughts on the music so that’s never a bad thing.

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