Metal Insider’s Top 5: Albums no one seems to like, by Iron Reagan’s Mark Bronzino

Posted by on September 15, 2014

ironreaganTomorrow (16), Iron Reagan’s sophomore album and Relapse debut, The Tyranny of Will, will be released. You’ve already gotten a chance to listen to it. and if you’re a fan of crossover thrash and punk, or a fan of its members’ other bands (Municipal Waste, Cannibal Corpse, Darkest Hour), you’ll enjoy the album. The DC quintet will be playing a handful of dates in support. While you’re listening to the album (or ordering it), check out guitarist Mark Bronzino’s list that he furnished us of  his “Top 5 Punk/Metal Albums That No One Else Seems To Like.” For the record, we’re fans of most of them, especially his #5 and his #1 picks.

The Tyranny of Will is out tomorrow on Relapse.


deliverance5) Corrosion of Conformity – Deliverance

Guitars, guitars, and more guitars! Annhiliation Time/ Lecherous Gaze guitarist Graham Clise once described this LP to me as “the last great American guitar rock album”, and I might be inclined to agree with him. Vocalist Pepper Keenan destroys with soul and strut, delivering a devastating and tasty rock experience not seen since it’s release. I don’t give a fuck if you don’t dig this album, I think it rules so “GET OUTTA MY WAY !!!”


sacrilege-turn_back_trilobite-front4) Sacrilege – Turn Back Trilobite

With their first two LPs, Sacrilege essentially set the stage for the metalpunk genre known to many as “crust”. Hard riffs, dark moods, and defiant lyrics were paramount to a sound adored by many a crusty punker. But on this, their third and final LP, the band shows maturity and technicality far beyond their years. No longer a savage riff fest, but still so many fantastic songs and a great guitar sound; this record (and band) does not get the respect it truly deserves.

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