Metal Insider’s Top 5: 20th anniversary albums we’d like to hear live

Posted by on September 22, 2014

Machine_Head_-_Burn_My_EyesEarlier today, Korn confirmed that in honor of their self-titled debut album turning 20 this year that they’d be playing it in it’s entirety. Whether you like Korn or not, this makes sense. The album essentially jump-started nu-metal, and while the band have gone on to become more poppy/electronic/what have you, their first album is a statement. There are a handful of other bands that have commemorated the 20th anniversaries of their albums by either playing them live in their entirety (Emperor playing In the Nightside Eclipse, Soundgarden playing Superuknown) or re-releasing anniversary editions of the albums themselves (Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven, and Soundgarden again). So with that in mind, we thought we’d mention some albums that turn 20 this year that we’d like to see played in their entirety by bands. Some of these bands don’t exist any more, but because others do, we rank the likelihood that it’ll actually happen.


5) Kyuss, Welcome to Sky Valley


You can’t blame us for wanting to hear this album played again. Kyuss’ defining statement, Sky Valley is a three-movement, 52-minute long masterpiece featuring  vocalist John Garcia, drummer Brant Bjork and bassist Scott Reeder along with guitarist Josh Homme, it’s nearly an hour of stoner bliss. The  band broke up after their next album, the following year’s …And the Circus Leaves Town. And while Kyuss reformed as Kyuss Lives!, then Vista Chino, a few years ago,  Homme sued his former bandmates for using the Kyuss name.

Chances it’ll happen: None. There’s a lawsuit ensuring that. With Homme’s other band Queens of the Stone Age more popular than ever, and Garcia concentrating on his solo career, the only way you’re going to get to hear Kyuss play Welcome to Sky Valley in 2014 is on your stereo.

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