Metal Insider’s Top 5: 20th anniversary albums we’d like to hear live

Posted by on September 22, 2014

2) Machine Head, Burn My Eyes


Robb Flynn had already logged time in Bay Area bands Forbidden and Vio-lence, so when Machine Head formed with Vio-Lence’s Phil Demmel, expectations were pretty high. From the opening of “Davidian,” it was apparent the  band had something special happening. Melding the thrash of their previous band with the groove of Pantera, it’s their most raw album. The album was, for a while, the most successful debut album on Roadrunner.

Chances it’ll happen: Not this year. The band have already pushed back their touring plans to concentrate on finishing their Nuclear Blast debut. Plus, they played a few shows a decade ago to commemorate the album’s 10th anniversary (see above). And when they tour again, they’ll have a new album to promote, so it’s not like they’d want to drop in a whole other album.

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