Metal Insider top 5: bands that will probably never reunite

Posted by on May 5, 2015

pantera1ck1) Pantera

This one is the most self-explanatory ever. No Dimebag = no Pantera. The thing is that aside from Darrell Abbott being irreplaceable as a guitarist and person, there’s still a ton of resentment between Abbott’s brother, Vinnie Paul, and frontman Phil Anselmo. There was a distance between them after Pantera broke up, and right before he was assassinated onstage, Anselmo said he “deserves to be beaten severely.”

While there’s a lot of demand for people to hear Pantera songs with Anselmo singing them, the frontman is running his own label, playing in Down, and also releasing solo albums. Vinnie Paul is busy playing faux-redneck butt rock with Hellyeah, for what it’s worth. And given that Rex Brown is selling off his sneakers, he’d probably be up for a reunion. But even if Anselmo and Paul could hammer out their differences, No Dimebag – no Pantera.


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