Metal Insider top 5: bands that will probably never reunite

Posted by on May 5, 2015


misfits2) Misfits with Glenn Danzig

While they were only together for six years and initially broke up 32 years ago, The Misfits are the face of punk (especially if you go to a Hot Topic!). As the leader of the band, Danzig’s voice is synonymous with them and their combination of punk and ’50s-style rock. He went on to form Samhain, and then his own band, which he’s been in since. Glenn has gotten the reputation as being someone that’s hard to work with, which might be why the Misfits reformed in 1995, with guitarist Jerry Only the only (heh) original remaining member.

Since then, Danzig has done sets in which he’ll play a few Misfits songs, even performing with guitarist Doyle von Frankenstein. Misfits released an album as recently as 2011, with Only singing. Would Danzig ever return to the band that he formed? Not likely. The closest they came to a reunion was in a courtroom last year, as Danzig sued Only for registering Misfits trademarks behind his back. That lawsuit was dismissed. Meanwhile, Danzig has three albums lined up, none of them Misfits. It seems like there’s no love lost between him and the rest of the band he spawned.


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