New & Noteworthy: November 13th, 2020 – Carnival of New Releases

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New & Noteworthy is a weekly column in which we highlight some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. This week features new releases from Phil Campbell of Motörhead, live releases from Katatonia and Periphery, and more! For last week’s new releases you can check out the last New & Noteworthy, and for the latest sales numbers Metal by Numbers. Be sure to follow us on Spotify to get this month’s New & Noteworthy Playlist, updated every Friday with the newest metal releases.  

Friday the 13th in 2020? Huh. What could go wrong?

New Releases

Katatonia, Dead Air (Peaceville Records)
Live album. Stockhold, Sweden. Progressive metal. Pulled from a recent virtual live performance back in May.

Music videos: “Behind the Blood” “Lacquer
Singles: “The Winter of Our Passing
Dead Air is also available on vinyl.


Periphery, Periphery: Live In London (3DOT Recordings)
First live album. Progressive metal. Recorded live in London, England on November 15, 2019 during their P4: Hail Stan tour.

Single: “Marigold




Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, We’re The Bastards (Nuclear Blast)
Second full length album from Phil Campbell of Motörhead under the name. Pontypridd, Wales. Heavy metal.

Music video: “Born to Roam” “Son of a Gun” “We’re The Bastards
Lyric video: “Bite My Tongue
We’re The Bastards is also available on vinyl.



Macabre, Carnival Of Killers (Nuclear Blast)

Music video: “Your Window is Open
Visualizer: “The Lake of Fire
Trailers: “Carnival of Killers” “Balloon Carnival Teaser
Carnival of Killers: Bludgeoned Flesh Edition is available on blood red splatter vinyl. Nice.



Blood From The Soul, DSM-5 (Deathwish Inc.)
Boundaries, Your Receding Warmth (Unbeaten Records)
Dragged Under, The World Is In Your Way (Deluxe Edition) (Mascot Records)
Dying Wish, Innate Thirst (SharpTone Records)
Harlott, Detritus Of The Final Age (Metal Blade Records)
Intervals, Circadian (Intervals)
Jesu, Terminus (Avalanche Recordings)
King 810, AK Concerto No. 47, 11th Movement In G Major (King Nation)
Lie Still, Severing The Hands Of Manipulation And Hate (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
Of Feather & Bone, Sulfuric Disintegration (Profound Lore)
Post Truth, Reponses To Trauma (Resist Records)
Soulburn, Noa’s D’ark (Century Media)
Warfect, Spectre Of Devastation (Napalm Records)


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